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What do we mean by Ground Transportation?

Anything that rolls, slides, skids, slips and requires energy to move forward.
Examples? Car, bus, truck, motorized 2-wheeler, electric bike and scooter, snowmobile, camper, gyropod or motorized tuk-tuk, and the list is far from being exhaustive!

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What do we mean by Aerospace?

Anything that travels, flies, hovers and requires energy at one point or another in the process: airplane, helicopter, flying taxi, ULM, gyroplane, drone, satellite, lunar base, and the list is far from being exhaustive!

In short, you need our products to reach Mars or the Moon? It will be a great pleasure for us to accompany you! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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As you will have understood, any device that floats, travels, slips, moves on and/or under water and requires energy at some point in the process may require our products. This is where we step in.

Whether you own a sailboat for personal use, a sailing boat, a boat with a thermal or electric motor, a watercraft, a submarine, an underwater scooter.

Water is a precious commodity, at the base of the food chain. It is essential that we all respect this foundation in our daily use, but also in our industrial use. We must preserve it!

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Any device that travels, slides on rails and requires energy at some point in the process may require our products, whether it is a train, tram, subway, or even a fairground car.


Have not you ever dreamed of a better offer than what contemporary suppliers are currently proposing?
Do not you find that some technologies seem exclusive because of their access costs?
Do not you have a little reluctance towards the sustainability and autonomy announced by some producers, with regard to the materials they use?

Nowadays, environmental compliance takes a prominent place in the consumer’s choice. Do you care how your customers see you? Do not you think that a supplier who takes a particular attention to the respect of the planet would attract a new clientele?

How can we help you?

We will offer shortly a complete range of electric accumulators, electric generators and 3-in-1 tools (motor, generator, electric storage), available in catalogue formats, existing today, but also fully customized.

Our Energy Management Software, ε=MC², can be installed on any equipment requiring any energy resource and will allow you to control, prioritize, regulate, monitor, prioritize or even time your energy expenditure items, at any time and even remotely if necessary.


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