Take the lead on righteous technology

Where can we help you?

Our solutions can help you with any of your portable electronic device and material: computer, mobile, smartphone, tablet, virtual-reality headset, etc.

We also propose an advanced energy security of your data centers.


Did not you ever dream of a better offer than what is currently proposed by the contemporary suppliers?
Did not you ever think some technologies seem to be exclusive, mainly because of their costs of access?
Did not you ever have a little reluctance when you see the durability and the autonomy announced by some producers, with regards to the materials they use?

Nowadays, environment compliance is a key factor taken into account by new consumers. Does your client opinion matter to you? Do not you think a supplier taking a particular attention to the respect for our planet  could attract new customers?

Our first prototypes and our first tests demonstrate:

  • our solutions will offer an estimated energy density above 2.000 wh/kg
  • a cost below US$150 per kwh of storage
  • and a lifecycle above 10.000 cycles

How can we help?

We will propose soon a full range of electric accumulators, available not only under the conventional formats, those existing today, but also totally taylor made solutions.

Our Energy Management Software will be easy to install on any equipment requiring any kind of ressource of energy and will allow you to master, prioritize, regulate, monitor, rank priorities or even back-burn your energy expenditures, remotely , anywhere, anytime.


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