For a green energy citizenship

Where can we help you?

Mindsets are changing.
A growing number of constituents are pleased to declare they live in a green city, or at least a city aware of the energetic and environmental challenges we all have to face nowadays.

At Jarvis Energies, we are convinced that, within a city, collective efforts will be rewarded as long as they are automated and invisible.

We can assist you if you wish to perform a transition of your municipal buildings. Municipal builings currently represent 76% of the energy consumption of a city: 30% for the schools, 10% for the pools, 17% for the other sport equipments, 15% for the technical and administrative buildings, 20% for the socio-cultural equipments (*).

Public lighting and road signs represent in average 18% of the collectivities energy balance (5,6 billions kWh), i.e. approxametly 50% of the electric consumption of a city.

And this statement does not take into consideration your needs in terms of vehicle or of recycling plants, for instance.

All these equipments mainly rely on fossil energy today and provide a meaningful future to tommorow electric solutions.

How can we help?

We will propose soon a mean to accumulate your energy, coming either from photovoltaic cells or from any other element producing energy.

Our Energy Management Software, specially designed to be integrated, to operate and work collaboratively with your own software and automated devices, will aim to make your communal network intelligent. It will allow you to master, prioritize, regulate, monitor, rank priorities or even back-burn your energy expenditures, remotely , anywhere, anytime.

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* : sources -study 2012