Who are we?


Welcome to Jarvis Energies’ new Website!

We thank you for being more and more to follow us through social networks; this information confirms and encourages us in persevering in what we consider being the right tracks.

In addition to this brand new website, we would like to inform you we have a new member within our team, our Materials Specialist, whose bio is accessible by scrolling down this page. In parallel, we took official possession of our freshly new office, What’s up?, in collaboration with the University of New Brunswick.

Those of you who are closely following us might not have missed the post we shared a few weeks ago and will already have deducted the following announcement: Jarvis Energies started manufacturing its first prototype (What’s up?), in the form of a R2032 battery shape.

We look particularly forward to sharing the first results of our studies with you, you will of course be regularly updated accordingly.

Jarvis Energies Team

Mission & Values

Jarvis Energies aims to improve the energy management, environmentally and economically, for everything and everyone.

To this end, we will propose, in a close future, several types of goods and services, such as assistance in the management of energy through our energy accumulators produced from innovative and eco-responsible materials and technologies, systems of creation and distribution of energy, our electric consumption management software, as well as the recycling of accumulators and of photovoltaic cells.

We believe that the energy supply should not be focused on a short term vision but requires a broader view for a sustainable and lasting management. This is the reason why we propose a personalized service to our customers so they join us to secure a prosperous and sustainable future.


June 2020: ε-Storage launch.

June 2020: ε-Fective S, D et M launch.

May 2020: ε-Generator S, D et M launch.

February 2020: ε-Pack, ε-Wall, ε-Container launch.

December 2019: 3rd prototype launch (cylindric cell).

June 2019: 2nd prototype launch (coin cell).

January 2019: 1st prototype and 1st tests launch.

January 2019: We enter in our new premises at the University of New Brunswick, with who we collaboratively work.

December 2018: Our collaboration starts with Solidworks and Javelin.

March 2018: Our story begins, you are more than welcome to join and build it with us.

Management Team

Sébastien Pirola

Sébastien Pirola

Founder & CEO

Strong of more than 15 years as an Integrator and Fuselage Architect, “Design To Cost” Analyst, Design and Definition Manager (aeronautical systems installation, special machinery and heat exchangers) mainly in aeronautics, over the past few years Sébastien began a career change to give into commercial field.

Several theoretical training allowed him to start this transition, to discover and familiarize with sales. He also benefited from a perfect on-the-job training through the periodic management of “mom and pop” shops, in addition to a voracious intellectual curiosity partially fed with extensive readings and courses about Marketing and Management, not exhaustively.

His desire to further progress his knowledge, paired with the growing needs for a clean and integrated energy, on the fringe of today’s choices, naturally led him to run his own business and to propose innovative solutions through an accessible and sustainable product range, for a Virtuous Energy.

Émilie Goethals

Émilie Goethals

Co -Founder & Communications and Marketing Director

Generation Xennial fully assumed stereotype, yet, Emilie’s resume does not fit on 2 pages anymore.

Change and unknown do not scare this travel-addict and lifetime learner, who often eradicated the boundaries between her trilingual assistant secretary initial education disciplines. She has worked in several industries, from pharmaceutical to aeronautical, through IT and Legal, mainly in major international groups, across France and Canada.

Deeply committed, determined and persevering, this “Native Egalitarian Antispeciesist”, as she likes to be defined, sets her mind on projects she goes for, namely enhancement and maintenance of animals and human rights, as well as ecological collective awareness.

Comfortable with French and English languages, Emilie legitimately decided to share her skills and Energy with our Team.