Where does Jarvis Energies idea come from? The statement is clear: in terms of energy consumption, we hardly can back up. Energy needs are set to continue, as technologies change and it can be complicated/unfair to ask a specific entity to slow down or, even worse, to decrease its growth.

Our aim is simple: propose affordable AND green batteries. Green as meaning that we commit to master our batteries full cycle of production and their recycling. And we even go further, we ensure we will only select partners certified, engaged and environment-friendly.

If you also take ownership of the future of our planet and / or wish get more involved, do not hesitate any longer, join us!

Jarvis Energies aims to improve the energy management, environmentally and economically, for everything and everyone.

To this end, we will propose, in a close future, several types of goods and services (…)

Our profile, our ideas, this project catches your attention?

Should you wish to share some of the trail with us, to help us growing, do not hesitate, email us! (…)